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 Social Work

Cases of child neglect raise assessment dilemmas that are often more complex than cases of physical or sexual abuse. This book highlights the personal, professional and organizational factors that influence the identification and assessment of child neglect and explores ways in which the practice may be improved.

Child Neglect
$74.95(NZD) inc GST

This fourth edition of "Language and Literacy in the Early Years" has been fully revised and updated to reflect current professional interests and the latest developments in the field. The book provides comprehensive coverage of issues in lang... read more

Language and Literacy in the Early Years 0-7
$67.50(NZD) inc GST
save $7.50(NZD) (10%) $75.00(NZD)

Write Quickly, Clearly and Correctly - and Watch the Benefits Roll InSo much to write...so little time...so much at stake! Fully revised in 2006, this is a practical office handbook for people in business, government and educati... read more

Crash Course in Corporate Communications
$27.00(NZD) inc GST

Business students need the ability to think statistically about how to deal with uncertainty and its effect on decision-making in business and management. Traditional statistics courses and textbooks tend to focus on probability, mathematical detail, an... read more

Statistical Thinking in Business 2ed
$99.00(NZD) inc GST

New Zealand Employment Relations looks at the ways in which employers, employees and their representatives interact, examining their motives and actions in a social, political and economic context. It provides an accessible and prac... read more

New Zealand Employment Relations 3ed
$49.50(NZD) inc GST

This lively account of early childhood education and care in postwar New Zealand is a follow-up to the author's earlier study. "Discovery of Early Childhood, which traced the origins of institutional care for you... read more

Politics in the Playground: The World of Early Childhood in New Zealand
$50.00(NZD) inc GST


 Social Work

Thoroughly updated to reflect policy changes and innovations, the third edition of "The Student's Companion to Social Policy" continues to provide students with the most comprehensive introduction to contemporary British s... read more

The Student's Companion to Social Policy (3rd edition 2008)
$0.00(NZD) inc GST

Commercial Applications of Company Law in New Zealand - 3rd Edition is a textbook structured around a full teaching seminar that uses an innovative teaching method for business students of company law. The textbook focuses on the or... read more

Commercial Applications of Company Law in New Zealand 3ed
$91.10(NZD) inc GST

The text concentrates on the concepts, techniques and practices that are needed to make key financial decisions in an increasingly competitive business environment. Juchau, University of Western Sydney; Flanagan, Australian Catholic University.
alternative ISBN 9314994244069

Principles of Managerial Finance 6ed
$126.00(NZD) inc GST
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 Early Childhood Educa

Series:Te Ta Reo Maori language

A Dictionary and Language Guide for Students of Maori

He PA Auroa: A Dictionary and Language Guide for Students of Maori
$20.00(NZD) inc GST

This dictionary by P.M. Ryan, one of New Zealand's leading Mâori language scholars, is the most up to date available. It's an invaluable reference title for all New Zealanders, containi... read more

The Raupo Dictionary of Modern Maori: maori-English; English-Maori (2nd revised edition 2008)
$49.50(NZD) inc GST
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 Social Work

As a result of its radical social reform experiences, New Zealand is often viewed by overseas observers as a social laboratory; the reform of social security in New Zealand shifted the labour market policy from passive to active to encourage labour force participation. Emph... read more

New Welfare, New Zealand
$55.00(NZD) inc GST